Right now.

Have you ever held onto someone and feel like you’re sharing A heartbeat? Like your whole heart is just beating loudly outside of your own body and you feel this crazy connection? Like it feels so good and you want to hold on to them forever and ever and never let go?

When life gets so busy and I actually have a moment to sit there and let my body, mind, and soul feel what it needs to feel, and hug my babies, my heart tells me that it’s time to take it easy and live In the moment. To not plan everyday, every weekend of my life ,and just be still and take in the moments shared with my little ones and of course, my husband. Because, LIFE GOES BY SO FAST WHEN YOU ARE BUSY.

I am almost done with my maternity leave and it feels like it’s speeding up to the end. I don’t know when I’ll ever have this break again with both kids at home needing me. I’m trying to soak every day up like a sponge and make it all about us. I want to squeeze in as many hugs and kisses as each hour passes by. Document every little detail so I never forget the little moments. As you can guess, I’ve been very emotional after this pregnancy and also learned a lot about myself with everything that’s going on. And still learning. Having one child changes you, but with two everything you thought you knew about yourself changes completely.

Husband and I do a lot of reflecting. Ever since Gemma was born, we reflect at night on what we can do differently in certain situations. Like how and what we can do better as parents.

How we go about our actions and reactions to certain scenarios. We were figuring it out together and we thought we almost had it down.

So when Ruby arrived, it was definitely a wild ride. Everything we thought we knew went out the window and we had to figure it out again. How to be parents of two. My patience, my time, my attitude, my relationship all been tested. I went through a phase of crying during the day, crying at night, googling how to manage a newborn and a toddler, googling why I’m so emotional, googling how to stay positive when you’re stressed, reflecting on my actions and reactions, reflecting on my words, reflecting on my relationship with my toddler, relationship with my husband, and with myself. I’ve always been good at expressing my feelings but really bad at describing how I feel. Does that even make sense?! I can express the emotions, I can cry, yell, scream, laugh but to explain why I feel that way has always been hard because my words can never really match up with how my heart feels.

It was all about finding the balance. The balance to take care of my baby, take care of my toddler, take care of my husband, and to take care of myself in order to take care of all of them. I’ve learned that it’s okay to feel what I felt, it’s okay to break down and cry sometimes, it’s okay to want a little space to figure it out, and it’s okay to be entitled to my own emotions. I am only human and I’m doing the best I can, to be the best I can be to take care of my family.

So as of right now, in this moment, my heart feels so full like it’s so full of love it’s about to explode. Thinking about how much my husband loves me and how amazing of a father he is. Thinking about how sweet Gemma is towards her sister, how adorable it is to see Ruby’s face light up when Gemma greets her. I am so in love with the fact that I have two amazing little humans who depend on me and love me unconditionally and need me. The amount of love that I feel for them is completely beyond anything I’ve ever felt. They are my world, and being a mom is the best and greatest gift God/Buddha/universe has given Me. I just want to live in this moment and hold them super close because every day they grow a day older and everyday goes by a little faster.

It feels so good to feel everything I’m feeling right now & in this moment.

So note to self: always live in the moment and take one day at a time.

Right now.

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